9 Best Life Planning Apps

9. Best Life Planning Apps To Create Your Perfect Future

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How often does life seem to pass you by? Do you still imagine the life you want instead of living it?

Perhaps you are not lazy. Instead, you just need the right tools to help you get on the road to a perfect future

Today we present nine of the best life planning apps It will help you take control of your life, clarify your vision, know yourself, and define your ultimate goals.

Hopefully they will allow you to live the way you really want and inspire others to do the same.

Your path to success

A life plan is your path to success.

With the help of a life plan, you can determine which paths lead to your dream.

The life plan lifts you above the chaos of everyday life and prompts you to make decisions that bring you closer to what you really want.

It is a reflection of your priorities and values, so it should be flexible as your priorities and values ​​change over time.

If you have a life plan, it is important to review it periodically. This will ensure that what you write is still in line with your current values ​​and priorities.

Apps for a brighter future

In today’s post, you will find the best apps that will bring you closer to the success and happiness that you have worked on.

Some of the apps presented today will help you develop healthy habits that will ripple through making positive changes in various areas of your life.

Other apps are designed to help you define your vision and goals.

There are apps to help you organize your projects, and other apps that should be a repository of your thoughts as you build a great future.

Read and check them out!

Finished application | best planner app | best personal planning apps

For iOS

Planning a great future for yourself often starts with developing good habits.

If you are looking for an app that helps you set both short and long term goals, track your progress and progress, and create positive daily habits, then you can try Done.

With this app you can:

  • Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals
  • Track the habits you want to quit or develop
  • Group habits into categories (useful for accumulating habits)
  • Back up data to iCloud or Dropbox
  • Take notes of your habits with the daily journal feature

Users love the app’s simple interface that allows you to quickly track your progress.

The app is free to download and offers premium subscriptions starting at $ 8.99 for a one-time premium upgrade.

Lifestyle | planning apps for students | apps to figure out your life

For iOS | For Android

Here’s another app designed to help you develop or break your habits.

Lifestyle allows you to track how well you are upholding your commitment to creating a new habit or breaking a negative one.

The application works on the principle of “stripes”, and the user is advised not to break the chain of positive stripes.

Green represents the days you did the habit, and red represents the time you skipped it.

The app allows users to view their progress in the form of a pie chart or bar chart.

If you are looking for an app that helps you keep track of your daily habits, this is worth trying.

Way of Life is free to download and offers in-app purchases starting at $ 4.99.

Transno | Best Home Organization Apps | the best apps to organize your life

For iOS | For Android

Are you looking for an app that can quickly capture your thoughts and turn them into smart cards?

If you are a visual thinker, you will probably appreciate this transformative app that organizes all the ideas that are in your head.

Here are some of the things you can do in the app:

  • Organize thoughts into different types of mind maps
  • Include Photos on Your Smart Cards
  • Take important notes
  • Create checklists
  • Edit mind maps offline

The app is available for free.

Trello | apps to organize your life | life planning app

For iOS | For Android

There are those who view their goals as “projects”. If you are one of those people, Trello is a great app to help you achieve your goals, whether at work or in your personal life.

Users appreciate the in-app collaboration feature that allows you to assign tasks to people involved in your projects.

You can also activate notifications to receive real-time updates on task progress.

The free version has enough features for people who need a visual representation of their goals and a way to track their progress.

5. Life goals – my goal planner and statements

Life Goals My Goals Planner & Statement | ios life planning app | Android life management app

For Android

When planning your future, it’s helpful to have something that motivates you to achieve your goals. This app does both.

It’s a goal planner, tracker, and goal setting all rolled into one.

Here are some of the things you can do through the app:

  • Set life goals and track them through the app’s dashboard.
  • Create visualization boards
  • Add details and notes to your goals
  • Listen to statements
  • Create your own affirmations

The app is available for free.

Insidious Agenda | Free Life Planning Apps | best life planning apps

For iOS | For Android

Artful Agenda’s adorable design makes life planning easier and more fun.

This app is inspired by the aesthetics of a paper diary and the convenience and portability of a digital calendar.

Here are a few things you do with this app:

  • Choose a cover design and handwriting
  • Actually cross the item off your list
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Create positive, healthy habits (such as tracking your daily water intake)
  • Plan your meals
  • Drag planner stickers

This app also provides inspirational quotes for the day, week and month.

The app has a free trial. Subscription prices start at $ 3.99 per month.

Angstrem | Best Free Life Planning Apps | end of life planning apps

This web app is not only a great tool for keeping track of your goals, but also one of the best ways to reveal yourself and define your life goals, helping you accomplish the important things in life.

Along the way, you will become familiar with concepts and tools to achieve everything you’ve dreamed of.

An interesting feature of the app is that you are encouraged to write your own obituary. This should help define who you really want to be.

The app also provides a unique way to set goals that are important to you and set milestones that will determine if you are on the right track to achieve what you want.

Angstrom provides a free trial and the full version costs $ 49 per year. Lifetime subscription costs $ 199.

Perspective | Best Apps to Plan Your Life | best ipad apps for life planning

For iOS

This application allows you to better understand your true nature.

With Perspective, you can view journal entries for different years.

This journal app has features to help you track your mood, determine your satisfaction with what you do, and provide insights to help you make better decisions in the future.

Its simple and elegant interface allows you to quickly log and track goals / objectives.

Consider using this app if you need a portable magazine to help you live your life to the fullest.

The app is available free of charge, with in-app purchases starting at $ 1.99.

Remente | best life planner app | what are the best scheduler apps

For iOS | For Android

This app is your ideal assistant to help you keep track of your well-being and keep track of the goals you set for yourself.

It contains several self-help tools that are designed to improve your well-being and help you form healthy habits.

In particular, you will find the following features:

  • Diary
  • Mental health tracker
  • Goal Setting Guide
  • Personal Care Journal
  • Goal plans
  • Resources to improve and enhance your well-being

The app can be downloaded for free. A premium subscription is available starting at $ 4.99.


That’s it – the best life planning apps to help you plan your ideal future.

We hope you have found one that suits your needs.

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