Star Wars Fan Petition To Stop Boba Fett’s Ship Name Change “Slave I”

Star Wars Fan Petition

Following yesterday’s news that Disney appears to be rebranding the Star Wars favorite Boba Fett’s ship on the front of a new Lego set based on the franchise, fans of the Fett character and star Wars in general, they went out to do the only thing that felt right and useful in these situations – they started a petition demanding that they stop rebranding Disney.

While it’s not really known how far the name change will go, Boba Fett’s starship has always been known as Slave I until now. However, the Lego set calls it Boba Fett’s starship. While this may be technically correct, as it would be hard to disagree that this is a starship and indeed belongs to Boba Fett, the title amendment that was canonical in the franchise prior to the launch of this set didn’t like it.

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Cody Pirkle, fan star Wars saga has created a digital petition on with the simple title “Change the name of Slave-1 to Slave-1.” The description of the petition states: “Recently, it was discovered on that the iconic spacecraft that Boba flies on is star Wars will no longer use the name “Slave-1″ for unknown reasons. Disney has required all companies, including those for collectible cards Lego and Topps, to abandon the name. We want you to sign this petition showing that you still want the name “Slave-1” and not “Starship Boba”. At the time of writing, the petition has collected just over 1,500 signatures in 2 days.

Although initially there was some confusion as to whether the name change was only related to the Lego item to help people little familiar with the names of certain vehicles, or whether it was more widespread than that. However, Michael Lee Stockwell, lead designer for Lego Star Wars, said, “We no longer call it Slave-1. This is Boba Fett’s starship. ” This was once again confirmed by Design Director Jens Kronwold Frederiksen, who commented: “All [dropping the Slave I name]… It’s probably not something that was announced publicly, but it’s just something that Disney doesn’t want to use anymore. ”


From what is known about the change, it can be assumed that the whole point is that Disney is making the decision not to use the term “slave” so widely in the franchise in the future, which will be quickly proven if later the product begins to appear with a similar change. One of those who weren’t happy with this change was Mark Anthony Smith, who replaced Boba Fett when the magazine’s special issue Star Wars: A New Hope made.

The digital effects artist posted comments on social media saying, “When applying for personalized numbers for my car, the DMV will not allow ‘Slave1’,” Smith wrote. “OK, I understand. I had to try. But I got it. However, this #disney idiocy. I’m not buying it. Mouse Mismatch, no, nothing. It won’t happen. Growing up, I loved #disney. ”

Currently, there doesn’t seem to be any name change on official websites and the like, apart from the Lego set, which caused some backlash. Will this change over time as we get closer to the premiere? Boba Fett’s book is something we’ll have to wait to find out, but obviously fans won’t let this go without making as much noise as possible.

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