30 Tips to Read People Like a Body Language Expert

Read Body Language like an expert

How to Read Body Language 

 While Walking.

1. The first thing they can tell something about a person is the way they walk those who walk fast and confidently hold their head up they’re focused and great problem solvers,

2. If they walk with their head held high having shoulders back and chest forward then they’re sociable these people like spending time with others and enjoy the appreciation, they’re also easily bored and like the challenge.

3. If a person walks with an average pace and looks relaxed then they’re well relaxed they’re calm and tend to focus more on others rather than on themselves they’re also easily influenced.

walking Body language

walking Body language

4. Those who walk with a medium pace but in confident strides are very cooperative and good listeners they’re loyal and a bit dependent on others.

Walking Body language

5. Those who walk slowly and keep their head lowered are likely to be introverted and shy if they cross their arms then they’re probably vulnerable and like to be alone

So, here’s a trick if you want to appear confident when you walk in somewhere especially if it’s an important business meeting always check your body language to always remember making sure of that you can use a doorway technique use something, for example a doorway as an anchor whenever you walk through a doorway teach yourself to check your body language pay attention, if you’re walking straight if you’re keeping your head up or other minor details do it every time you walk through any doorway later the doorway will become a natural trigger for you and you’ll automatically correct your posture every time you walk through it okay back to the clues.

Dressing Sense.

6. Pay attention to the way the person is dressed you probably don’t wear something that’s not your style or vibe and neither do other people. People who dress casually are easy going value comfort and prefer to be themselves not feeling the need to impress anyone.

Dressing Body language

7. people who wear clothes with colorful patterns are creative and like to express themselves through what they wear those who wear designer clothes displaying the logos like to show off and show their status.

8. People who wear their working clothes are workaholics who value themselves mostly through their job and achievements at work those who have official style and wear formal clothes are sophisticated and assertive.

9. People who wear sports clothes are confident those who wear neutral colors are closed and don’t like to draw attention to themselves preferring to stay in shape even the choice of shoes can tell you something in one study.

10. People were shown photos of people’s boots and they had to describe the personality of the person to whom the pair of footwear belonged to surprisingly the descriptions were pretty accurate. So, people who wear comfortable shoes are agreeable people whose shoes are new or just in perfect condition are clingy and anxious, ankle boots lovers are pushy.

Carrying a Bag.

11. If a person has a bag, pay attention to how they carry it if it’s in front of their body kept close then they’re a cautious and shy person.

Carrying Body language


12.Handshake it’s not just a social ritual but also a way to get the first impression about the person.

13. A dominant handshake is when the person flips their hand over yours with their palm facing down this is a dominant person trying to show who’s the boss here, they like to take control over others don’t like to take anyone’s opinion into account and might even be a bit pushy sometimes.

Handshake Body language

14. A submissive handshake is the opposite position where the person’s palm is facing up and their hand is covered by yours this means the person isn’t confident and you can easily dominate them if you wish another one is a floppy handshake where the person doesn’t really give your hand a shake it’s one-sided and it appears like it’s just you who give them one this handshake means weakness and indifference.

15. There’s also a double hand handshake it’s when a person uses both their hands usually placing the second hand on the back of the other person’s hand this type says the person accepts the other person’s dominance but invites them for discussion it’s typical for honest and open people who like to talk things through and have a conversation. However, if the second hand is placed not on the back of the opponent’s hand but on top of it it’s a way of self-defense and reveals the lack of trust another way to use the second hand is to touch the opponent. So, these people give you a handshake but also touch your back forearm or anything else with their free hand, this displays that the person needs company and lacks communications in their life.

 Eye Contact.

16. Now, we’re off to eye contact while speaking to the person pay attention to their eyes, people who keep eye contact are open they’re interested in what you’re saying and are paying attention to you those who constantly break it are rather nervous and uncomfortable or they’re just shy. Shy people can’t keep eye contact for long because they consider it invasive.

Eye Contact Body language

17. If the person blinks a lot, it means they’re distressed and if their eyes are squinted, they’re suspicious of you and don’t trust you.

While Treating others.

18. Must pay attention to how the person treats, people who work in service like Restaurant and Hotel staff retail and Food service. Service staff have to be nice to the customer but the customer doesn’t have to return the attitude in this case the customer is in the position of power, so pay attention how they behave when they have that power do, they choose to be nice or do they prefer to treat people poorly when they don’t have the obligation to be good guys power reveals people’s true personality.

19. If a person appears to be nice with you but they’re rude with a waiter in a restaurant they’re not a person to be trusted overall how polite the person, is also a good indicator of their identity yes if a person Reads and uses words like please and thank you then they must be a good person who is considerate and empathetic and respects other people and well, if they’re rude to others especially to those who have a lower social status then they’re over privileged and well simply rude interestingly the way animals react to a person can also tell a lot about their personality.

Treating others Body language

20. Animals don’t judge anyone by their looks their way of thinking or education so they’re way harder to mess up than with people animals draw their opinions based on people’s vibe body language and facial expressions which are way harder to control.

21. Some believe that animals just have some sixth sense and they can smell if a person is good or not. So, if animals like someone then it must be a nice person.


22. Pay attention to the person’s reading preferences People who enjoy classics are empathetic and like to get to know others profoundly fantasy. Book’s lovers are true day dreamers who like to escape reality and are sometimes out of this world historical fiction. people are perfectionists who pay attention even to minor details and horror readers are adventurous and always seeking some adrenaline.

Reading Body language

While using Smart Phone.

23. People who check their smartphones all the time are probably emotionally unstable checking the phone is a way for them to up their mood.

Smart phone Body language

While Someone Argue.

24. People who argue all the time even when there’s no valid reason for that is narcissistic and self-focused. However, if the person argues but for a reason and carefully picks their arguments it simply means they like a good debate.

while someone Eating.

25. If a person eats fast, it might mean they have a high level of anxiety or they have theatre tickets and are running late.


26. Also pay attention to where a person looks when they’re drinking from a cup, those who look inside the cup are idealistic and introspective.

Feelings and Emotions.

27. People who constantly reflect on their feelings and emotions are usually extroverted carefree and trusting but they can be easily influenced.

28.  Some people close their eyes when they drink this means they’re either uncomfortable or just deep in their own thoughts.

29. When people clink glasses those whose glass is higher have a high self-esteem and those who place their glasses lower think of themselves worse than they are.


Handwriting Body language

30. People who are highly intelligent tend to have a sloppy handwriting so if you can’t read a note from your colleague or a random person you just met don’t judge them too closely you might have just made the acquaintance of a genius.

Handwriting Body language

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