5 Coolest VR Games in 2022

Best VR Games at 2021

Upload VR is back at E3 with the third annual showcase of the most inventive and intriguing games to hit VR. As the environment continues to evolve year after year, it continues to be a platform for developers to innovate. While not all of the games featured were brand new announcements, we picked five of our favorites from the demo that you can look forward to diving into soon.

A song in the smoke

First announced for PSVR earlier this year. A song in the smoke is a virtual reality survival game and a starting point for the developers of 17-Bit, better known for its cartoonish indie games like Shogun Skulls as well as Galak-Z… In a new dev diary, studio CEO Jake Kazdal explains how virtual reality drove him to create more than just a game, but a completely living and breathing world. It’s coming to Oculus Rift, Quest and PSVR this summer.


Virtual reality is home to many awesome rhythm games, but Disabled maybe the coolest hook. This is a game about playing air guitar and it means you really only play with your hands thanks to the hand tracking technology in Quest and other PC-supported VR. Better yet, the new trailer shows you can play Kids Are Not Okay. This will happen this fall.

Nerf Ultimate Championship

Who remembers playing Nerfa? Admittedly, the revealed trailer doesn’t give out too much, but it does look classy, ‚Äč‚Äčthese Nerf guns look amazing, and that’s from the Emmy-winning VR studio Secret Location. This is an Oculus exclusive due out in 2022.

Sushi Ben VR

In this stylish shaded color VR game you are trying to save your favorite sushi bar from bankruptcy. Instead of serving sushi, however, your job is actually to convince other people to come there to eat, so there’s a lot more narrative thrust here, brought to life with vibrant manga-style comic panels. It will come in 2022.

Urban fairy tale

Coming to Oculus Quest on July 15th. Urban fairy tale is an open-world RPG designed specifically for virtual reality that perfectly proves that you and everyone else have no legs. You will be able to create a new personality, be it a blacksmith, chaser, lumberjack, warrior or archer, in an exciting fantasy world.