Eesha Rebba enjoys archery and kickboxing


Long before the second wave of the pandemic hit the country, Eesha Rebba took up archery and rifle to star in one of her future films. “I had to practice kickboxing and archery for an intense role in a Malayalam film that I signed, in which I have to shoot some high-octane fight scenes,” explains Eesha.

Then there was isolation, which prevented her from preparing for the role. Eesha, who is looking forward to filming her role, was keen to add kickboxing to her fitness routine long before the movie’s release.

So while the isolation caused many of her activities to stop, Eesha decided to use that time to focus more on fitness, doing kickboxing and archery as part of her initiative to stay fit.

Eesha Rebba

Eesha Rebbe does kickboxing

“Plus, kickboxing makes you stronger mentally; it makes you feel strong on the inside and boosts your confidence. It gives you a different vibe. It’s an ideal sport to practice, especially during isolation, ”she says, adding that she looks forward to resuming filming for Malayalam once things have settled down.

The actress studied archery in Hyderabad for a month, and Eesha considers the experience different. The training program included lessons on increasing her arm strength, adjusting her stance for sports, lessons on how to properly hold equipment with an emphasis on holding angles, and lessons on how to tighten and loosen an arrow.

In addition, she has had to train a lot with both left and right hands as she plays a left-handed person in the film. “The training was very thorough and extensive. The training started at 5 am and lasted two hours a day, ”says Eesha.

Despite hard training, possession of the bow and arrow gave liberation. Subrahmanyapuram actress. “One of the important aspects of training is focusing on a goal, so correct posture is essential. The arrow drawing technique is also very instructive, and I also got my hands on the basics of archery, ”she says.

During training, Eesha also tried to practice shooting with a rifle from a machine gun. “It is very dangerous and difficult to handle, but I managed to understand the basics,” the statement said. Raagala 24 Gantallo star, subscribe.