Do you care about growing up while dating?

joanna goddard alex williams wedding

joanna goddard alex williams wedding

Cup of Jo has been running for 14 years (!), So we decided we’d highlight some of the most popular posts from the past from time to time. Here is one of our favorites, published on November 20, 2018.

Alex and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary and my main question of the night was …

Should you wear heels? Alex is 5’8 “and I’m 5’6” so when I wear heels I’m a little taller. As seen in sitcoms, movies, and reality TV shows, there is usually an expectation in society that women should be below their partners, and this took root in me as I stood at my closet discussing shoes. But then my second question was: WHO CARES?

emma straub wedding michael fusco

My friend Emma, ​​known as Books Is Magic, is an inch taller than her husband. Sometimes I call Mike my short stack of pancakes, ”she told me. “I really don’t think about it anymore. My last boyfriend was even shorter! I guess I’ve always considered myself tall and voluptuous as a kind of goddess, and who would mind feeling like a goddess? Not me.”

Jan Ledlow wedding

Yana and Colin, who have been married for almost eight years, have a two-inch difference in height (from 5’10 ” to 5’8 ”). “When we first met, he asked:“ Is it normal that I’m not taller than you? “Of course it didn’t matter. He was the person I wanted to spend time with. He’s so confident and funny and dumb. ”

Jan Ledlow wedding

The only time it seemed weird was when they got married. “We had a great photographer, but she had popular poses for couples, and I remember that some of them felt uncomfortable. All the time she wanted me to put my head on his shoulder, and I thought that my head was tilting very much, and this is very strange. “

Caroline and Leah

Caroline is three inches taller than her friend Leah. “I really don’t notice the difference,” she says, “but I also posture when I’m standing next to her (for example, leaning on one hip) to be closer to her. The only time he appears is at official events. Now I think about ballets because it’s easier to dance with them. ”

Brooke Williams and Josh

Brooke Williams is five inches taller than her husband Josh. “I never thought I would marry someone shorter than me, even though at 5 feet 11 inches,” I’m not sure why this possibility never crossed my mind, ”she told me. “But then I met Josh, and all the height considerations went straight out the window. I don’t remember that it bothered me, or I didn’t think about it at all. Although from time to time, when I see us in the mirror, I am surprised at how much I hang over it. Plus my hair isn’t helping! “

Frannie Eremin and Kerry

Frannie and her girlfriend Kerry are absolutely the same height. “We are actually the same size in everything – right down to the size of the bra! This will come in handy when packing for a trip, as we can split the suitcase. Although I wear heels more often than she does. Every now and then it’s fun to play “tall man” and when she puts her head on my shoulder, it’s weirdly romantic. “

new cece girl

Who knows, maybe cultural norms are shaking? I recently watched old episodes of New Girl (because of Nick) and Ceci’s character started dating a shorter guy. And I liked that the show doesn’t mention their height difference. at all… This was not a problem.

Michelle and Barack Obama

Michelle and Barack Obama

Of course, there are well-known examples from real life. Obama – Neck and Neck – Barack is 6’1 “and Michelle is 5’11”. When she is in high heels, she is taller. And she’s PERFECT.

Pharrell Williams and wife Helen Lasichan

Pharrell Williams is two inches shorter than his wife, Helen Lasichan, at 5 feet 11 inches.

tina fey and husband jeff richmond

At 5’5 ”, Tina Fey and her husband Jeff Richmond are the same height, but she’s taller in heels …

And Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres!

And you? Do you care about growing up while dating? It’s complicated? What experience have you had? I would like to hear …

PS Great dating advice from my sister.