Deezer Beats Spotify for Offline Listening on Apple Watch

The company announced that music streaming service Deezer has updated its Apple Watch app so you can listen to music without an internet connection. Previously, Deezer’s Apple Watch app could only control music playback on a connected iPhone, but now paid subscribers can download songs for offline listening while away from their phones.

Offline listening was previously available on Apple Music as well as Pandora, but similar functionality has yet to appear on the Apple Watch Spotify app. Spotify recently added the ability to stream music from Apple Watch without using a paired iPhone, but the feature still requires a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Meanwhile, Google just teased that Spotify users will soon be able to download tracks to their Wear OS smartwatches, making it even weirder that it doesn’t offer a similar feature on Apple wearables.

Subscribers can download both Deezer playlists and their own personalized playlists for offline listening. Naturally, you’ll need enough space on your Apple Watch to store files for offline listening, and Deezer says this feature is only available on the latest Apple Watch Series 6.

The new Apple Watch feature follows Deezer’s updated integration with Apple HomePod smart speakers released earlier this month. The new functionality allows users to control playback with Siri voice control and even make Deezer their default music service. Spotify doesn’t offer the same option yet. Again, with Spotify’s small market share, Deezer has to work much harder to catch up.

Update May 19, 8:51 AM ET: Updated with confirmation from Deezer that you need an Apple Watch Series 6 to use this feature.