Pac-Man 99 is the new Battle Royale game for Switch

Nintendo announced Pac-Man 99, a new multiplayer game that will be included in its Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. Like Tetris 99 and recently departed Super Mario Brothers 35, the game pits dozens of players against each other in a battle to the end in a battle royale style.

The game is similar to the classic arcade original Pac-Man, but you can make it difficult for your opponents by chewing on powerful pellets, eating ghosts and sending “Jammer Pac-Man” to their screens. There are eight different preset strategies that you can use to play with other players, such as speeding up their game.

Pac-Man 99 there are also various themes available for purchase that change the music and visuals based on other Namco games such as Galaga, Xevius, and Dig dug… There are 20 of them in total.

Pac-Man 99 will be available for download tomorrow, April 7th, and will be free to anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.